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Sean Fogler, MD, EMBA

Advisory Council

Sean Fogler is a co-founder and consultant with Elevyst and a physician living in long-term recovery. He is an advocate for evidence-based drug policy and uses his lived experience to educate and inform, reduce stigma, and improve public health policy for mental health and substance use disorders. Sean has worked on several projects in Pennsylvania to expand naloxone distribution, medication assisted treatment in correctional settings, and syringe service programs. Sean co-chairs the Health Justice for PA Coalition, a collaborative initiative with Elevyst and the ACLU of Pennsylvania, which aims to highlight the intersection of substance use and Pennsylvania’s criminal legal system and provide policy reform recommendations guided by the philosophy of harm reduction. Sean has worked closely with the Pennsylvania Sheriffs’ Association, the National Sheriffs’ Association, and the Centers for Disease Control to provide technical assistance and develop, deliver, and evaluate substance use disorder and harm reduction training for law enforcement professionals that aligns public health and public safety goals. Sean currently works with the Pennsylvania Recovery Organizations Alliance (PRO-A) and RIWI, a global trend tracking and prediction technology firm to explore and reduce stigma towards people who use drugs and those in recovery. Sean is active in the recovery community and facilitates a weekly physician peer support group with the LiveWell Foundation. In addition to his work as a public health consultant, Sean volunteers as a peer support specialist for Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers and serves on the board of The Bridge Way School, Philadelphia’s first recovery high school.