PHILADELPHIA, June 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hyer Calling Foundation, Inc.s Chairman and General Counsel, Kevin Hyer, announced today a collaboration with and addition of five International Coaching Federation trained volunteer coaches to its slate of resources to benefit both businesses and individuals in their journey to hire and/or seek employment for those in recovery.

With a focus on reducing the stigma of substance abuse addiction—both in helping businesses to hire employees in recovery as well as helping individuals in recovery find successful employment, the Hyer Calling Foundation, Inc. offers no-cost customized programs that include career counseling, job placement assistance, career coaching during the first year of employment, grants to acquire continuing education and certain legal services performed by outside attorneys at the Foundation's expense which make it easier for clients to reset their professional lives.

The Volunteer Coaches are from across the U.S. and include: Dr. Alison McBride (Wake Forest, NC) Liza Rodriguez (New York, NY), Erika Hall (St. Louis, MO), Dana Morgan (Philadelphia, PA), and Cathy Armstrong (Cornelius, NC). Volunteer Coach Bios are below.

Established in Philadelphia by labor and employment attorney Kevin Hyer and his family for the purpose of reducing and ultimately eradicating the stigma of substance use disorders in the workplace, the Foundation raises funds to provide the gold standard in no-cost career counseling and related services that insurance does not provide for so that those in recovery can get back on their feet professionally as quickly as possible, as well as encouraging businesses to hire employees in recovery.

Hyer, himself in recovery, is passionate about the need to give back, the importance of addressing workplace stigma connected to substance abuse and recovery and the fact that everyone deserves a second chance.

“The truth is, especially now as we emerge from the pandemic and continue to deal with the Great Resignation, the recovery community offers the American business community a huge untapped resource,” said Hyer. “Employees in recovery are enormously grateful to have a second chance at life and as a result are loyal, hard-working and dedicated employees. And the Foundation offers them the tools they need to return to the workplace and live productive, meaningful lives.”

In addition to offering personalized coaching and guidance to individuals and businesses, the Foundation is able to help with job placement assistance through its network of employers, so they are able to make a tangible difference on all sides. “Coming out of treatment,” said Hyer, “there's very little to help those in recovery address the stigma associated with addiction or recovery. How do they enter back into the workplace? Something had to change.

“There's no doubt some employers are hesitant to hire a recovering addict,” Hyer adds. According to Better Addiction Care, the relapse statistics are but a sobering reminder of how fragile the recovery process can be.

  • 90% of heroin users relapse.
  • 90% of people with an alcohol addiction relapse.
  • 88% of methamphetamine users relapse.
  • 71% of marijuana users relapse.

Yet while Hyer knows fully the statistics are daunting, “That's what drives our mission and the importance of what we do. We tackle these issues head-on, offer assistance, solutions, a fresh start and hope.”

The average cost to assist an individual ranges from $5,000 to $23,000. To donate go to https://donate.thehyercallingfoundation.org/ or call 757-773-4588. The Hyer Calling Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization.

For more information, please visit www.thehyercallingfoundation.org. For media inquiries or interviews please contact Nina Zucker Associates at 610.457.4387 or nina@ninazucker.com.

Kevin Hyer Esq.

The Hyer Calling Foundation, Inc. CEO, Founder

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