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Becka Buchannan

Career Coach

Becka Buchannan is a Health and Wellness Coach, and the proprietor of Becka Buchannan Coaching LLC. She became certified in 2014 in Pain Management coaching, and in 2018 became a Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach through the NBHWC.

Her passion for coaching began while being coached, as a client. She was able to make lasting lifestyle changes that literally transformed her life and today, brings that passion to others. Becka uses a client-centered approach and partners with clients who are looking to enhance their wellbeing. She believes that holding clients in a positive regard unconditionally and without judgement, is the way to help them believe in their ability to change. As a Certified Pain Management coach, and a NBHWC coach she has been trained in motivational strategies, behavior change theories and health education. Becka uses these coaching skills to support clients in creating and sustaining improved health and wellbeing.

Becka lives in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina and enjoys being outdoors, walking her dogs, hiking, kayaking, and spending time with family. It was a family member that lit a spark in her to work with those who have been incarcerated or facing that challenge. This family member went through a long period of addiction to opioid drugs, that eventually led to her imprisonment. But Becka never withdrew her support in every stage along the way. Eventually Becka began having telephone conversations with her family member and other inmates and their families. Coaching an incarcerated person might seem impossible, but often in prison is where people begin their recovery and, in many cases, can even improve their lives and education while incarcerated. Becka looks forward to bringing her coaching experience and her knowledge of the prison experience to support others having this shared experience.