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Anna Levine, Esq.

Advisory Council

Anna Levine is an attorney licensed to practice law in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. She is also seeking admission in her new home state of New Jersey. She has been a credentialed attorney for more than fifteen years, practicing in a wide range of areas, from general corporate/ transactional law to criminal defense and family law. Anna is passionate about practice management tips and techniques and loves developing systems, automations and processes that not only improve practice efficacy and efficiency but also elevate practitioner well-being and mental health.

In addition to her legal credentials, Anna is also a Massachusetts Certified Peer Specialist and holds a Master of Arts in Political Science from the University of Washington, a Master of Human and Environmental Studies from Kyoto University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Columbia University. Anna served six years as a presidential appointee to the American Bar Association Commission on Lawyers Assistance Programs, three years as a commissioner and an additional three years on the advisory committee to same.  She was an instrumental member of both the Massachusetts Supreme Court Steering Committee on Lawyer Well-being that authored the 2019 Report of the Massachusetts SJC Steering Committee on Lawyer Well-Being and the 2022-2023 New Jersey Putting Lawyers First Task Force, both of which spearheaded critical reforms to promote lawyer well-being.

Growing up, Anna’s family lived in both Germany and Japan, leading to her fluency in both those languages. She also speaks decent French and a smattering of Spanish. She now lives in Mercer County, New Jersey with her husband Jim and her cats Anita and Freya. In the spirit of modeling the behaviors she would have other professionals emulate, Anna devotes considerable intention, attention and effort to her physical, mental and emotional well-being, which for her includes, but is not limited to (in no particular order): 1) Taking long hikes, 2) other forms of physical exercise, 3) quality time with family, 4) good sleep hygiene, 5) taking regular time off and not feeling bad about it, and 6) helping others.